Chinese New Year Celebrations

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In Reception, the children had a Chinese New Year themed creative arts day so they were totally immersed in the experience. They were really excited by the prospect of seeing the dancing lion and couldn’t wait until the end of the day. A superb day!

Year 1

On Chinese New Year we made lanterns and had lots of fun. Then we went to a dragon dance. In the morning we went to Chinese story telling. We had a special Chinese lunch. After the dragon dance we made colourful dragons.


Year 2

I liked making the magnetic dragons, the twirly snakes and booklets with Chinese writing. I liked the food but it wasn't food I'd ever tasted before because it was Chinese. It was funny when the Lion Dancer threw the cabbage at us!

I liked finding out what animals we were. I was a rooster! That means I am hardworking. I liked the storyteller. She was great at telling us the animal story.

After school we had fortune cookies. I had meat dump-lings. I really thought they were delicious! Then we saw the Lion Dancer again and we started chasing it. That was my favourite part.

















Year 3

For Chinese New Year we made some dragons where we scratched them with a special toolkit. It was really fun. Then in the afternoon we did some paper cutting. It was quite complicated but I enjoyed it. So it was the best Chinese New Year!


Year 4

On Wednesday 13th February, Chinese New Year was celebrated in our school. First of all, a few parents came in to help us with our beautiful decorations which symbolised spring. Next, we went to the hall where there were helpers and we learnt how to do calligraphy (a special Chinese writing). Celebrating Chinese New Year was fabulous, and I’m sure everyone else enjoyed the eventful after-noon.









Year 5

Our Chinese New Year started with a traditional lunch of delicious noodles and curry, followed by a spectacular Lion Dance performance. Year 5 and

6 were lucky enough to take part in a fascinating lesson of lion dancing; once we learnt the steps some of us were given the chance to step inside the huge, golden structure of the lion.

Afterwards we tried out calligraphy (Chinese writing) and we were even allowed to use the special ink!

Following the events of our school day, further events were held including some more entertaining lion dancing and some tasty Chinese food.


Year 6

Chinese New Year celebrations—a time where everybody had a lot of fun! The items from China were extremely informative and interesting. They showed how the Chinese celebrate New Year; it is very different from our customs. The calligraphy was beautiful but tricky. The Lion Dance was also amazing and completely different to any dances that we have. Overall, the afternoon was fun and enjoy-able, and an experience to remember.