Battle of the Books 2013

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Some Year 4 children were lucky enough to go to a competition called ‘Battle of the Books’ on The 20th June 2013.

Before we did the actual competition we read 10 books to get us prepared for the big day!

In our sessions we also made rat costumes, films, busted clouds, action figure dramas and dream catchers with Mr Cooper . AWESOME!

Then the big day dawned….

We were astonished to see so many children at Chase Bridge School.

At the event we did a few activities:

1.       We did a quiz

2.       Then we did some art concerning the books.

3.       Next we did a drama involving vines, angels, caterpillars, bandits and a few tragic deaths.

4.       At the end of the day we finally found out who had won.

And guess who had won…Chase Bridge School….again.

We were amazed to be part of the experience and although we didn’t win we had an epic time. We really hope that the children representing our school next year have the same awesome amount of fun as we did!!

By the Battle of the Books Team, thank you.