Solar Panels

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 Those of you who were at the school 2 Years ago will remember our Tag Marathon, a fund raiser organised by David Williams. David was very keen to see The Vineyard School playing its part in reducing carbon emissions and to educate pupils about the benefits of environmentally friendly energy production. He set about this by organising 2 fund raising events, a Pop-up Olympics, where Vineyard families competed, and a whole school event, The Vineyard Tag Marathon. These two events raised in excess of £22,000 which meant we were able to fund the purchase and installation of Solar Photovoltaic panels. David also delivered assemblies to the pupils on the benefits of reducing carbon emissions and environmentally friendly energy production. On behalf of The School I would like to thank David for the huge contribution he made to this project and for the legacy he has left. 

The Vineyard School’s Solar Photovoltaic panels will generate electricity, save the environment tons of Co2, and earn money for the School by selling the electricity to the National Grid. The particular panels we chose are highly efficient and work well even during the winter. There are 45 panels which can produce 12 kWp of power. When the sun is shining brightly, that is the equivalent of over 1,500 modern internal lights. Over the 40 year lifetime of the panels they will save an estimated 201,600 kg of Co2.

Annual indicative beneficial figures possible for this system are as follows:
Feed in Tariff earnings: £1,358.00
Export Tariff earnings: £267.00
Electricity savings: £1,232.00
Total benefit to the School every year: £2,857.00

If you would like find out more about reducing carbon emissions and the benefits of environmentally friendly energy production visit:

Mr. Rosewell