Cross Country Competition

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Today, The Vineyard School cross country club (Luisa, Stella, Alexandra, Lily, Olivia B, Georgina, Imran, Hugh, Joe, Finlay, Mihail and Antonio) ran in the 2010 cross country competition. Imran and Antonio are not cross country members, therefore, they were doing this event as a favour! As a result of this we would like to congratulate them greatly. The event took place at Richmond Park - the distance we had to run was 1600 metres (almost a mile).

Pushing and shoving, the girl's race began all at once. Louisa, Stella and Lily were running together when suddenly they found themselves separated. During this tumultuous race Alexandra unfortunately fell over and we spotted another girl feeling ill which made us feel ill too. Tagging right behind Luisa was Stella followed by Alexandra then Lily, right behind her was Olivia B and Georgina and that was the girls finishing order.

Moving onto the boy's race . . .

At first we through it was short but after minutes of tiring running we realised that it was a challenge to be completed. In the middle a boy fell over and was begging for help and almost fainted during this challenge! This was how tough this race was. However, we carried on and after a period of time we saw the finish line. Like a cheetah, we sprinted towards the end as Joe's dad said 'peg it!'.

Both boys and girls were encouraging to each other. We all had a brilliant morning!


By the Cross Country Team, November 2010