Solar Connect comes to the Lambani School

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The money raised will pay for both equipment and training that will have an enormous impact on the children at Lambani School. Below is a list of what the money is to be spent on.


Lambani will receive a netbook computer, a 3G internet dongle and one year’s internet connection, printer paper and ink. A 170 watt solar energy system, made of 2 solar panels and 2 batteries.

This is enough to power the following;

·         A netbook computer for 4 hours per day.

·         2  low energy light bulbs for 4 hours per day.

·         A  printer for 1 hour per day.

·         Charge for 10 mobile phones per day.


Training – Link staff conduct 4 days of training to ensure the equipment is understood and used in the most effective possible way. They cover things like;

·         Climate change, global warming, fossil fuels, renewable and non-renewable energy.

·         Solar energy systems; What is it? What it can do? How to use it. How to look after it. Health and safety.

·         Turning computers on/off, using a mouse Looking after the computers, using documents and folders- creating, editing, saving, renaming, spell checking. Logging into the internet using a dongle, google, local education authority website and general exploration. Setting up a school email address, sending receiving emails.

Go to to see a video about Solar Connnect.

Click here to see a powerpoint presentation on Solar Connect.