Year 3 Tobago Party

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Tobago party

On Tuesday Mr. Ellway and Miss Sheppard organised a Tobago party. First they handed out the dip–dyed Tobago shirts and we put them on. After that we went into Mr.Ellway’s class and sat down. We watched Hannah and James’ powerpoint about Tobago. After that we watched Ben and Andrei’s, Sophie and Jamie’s and Anne and Emma’s powerpoint; they were brilliant. Then Ben tried the limbo but it didn’t work.

Next we went to assembly in our t-shirts. After our assembly we had a dance competition and some people got Haribos if they won. Then we did the limbo in our house teams. Everyone was against each other until one person from each house team was left. Four people went against each other and at last some one won; it was Ella. A little while later we had some juicy pineapple. Then we did another dance party. It was quite funny! Jonah did a strange dance which made Poppy giggle a lot. Everyone had to cheer for who they wanted to win. It was very close. So close that nobody won! Well… we all won!


After a long day we went home in our Tobago t-shirts.

Ella, Isabella, Jamie and Tanmay