The Olympic Factor

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Olympic Torch Visits the Vineyard!

On Friday the 25th November the Vineyard school was visited by the Olympic Torch! This was an incredible opportunity organised by Vineyard parent, Jon Hillman, and gave every one of our children the chance to hold the torch which will be touring the UK next summer. The excitement amongst the children as they waited to see this iconic object was electric; we had chants of "2012, 2012!", grins of sheer delight when it was their turn to take the torch and some very insightful and thoughtful questions about the torch and its history. Staff and children alike were blown away by the magnitude of the occasion and it has definitely helped in continuing the Vineyard's enthusiasm about the London 2012 Games.


 Year 3 & 4 Basketball Champions!

A group of year 3 and 4 children competed in the Competitive Edge tournament, held at Christ’s school, on Wednesday 7th December. The children have been training hard during their weekly sessions with Richmond Knights and their commitment and enthusiasm certainly paid off. Their first game against Holy Trinity saw fantastic defence and accurate shooting; this led the team to a 14 – 4 victory. Next up were Barnes and Lowther where the team secured convincing wins again. In their fourth and final game the Vineyard team met St Mary Magdalene’s who were also undefeated in the tournament so far. It was a very tight game with both teams fighting hard to win. At full time the score was 4 – 4, which meant they had to play ‘Golden Basket’ - extra time where the first team to score, wins. It was a nail biting few minutes; Mrs Bezodis’ heart was racing and our parent supporters were on the edge of their seats! Finally Cameron Hart scored the winning basket and was surrounded by cheering team mates. Our Year 3 & 4 team were crowned the champions! Credit should be given to these children who demonstrated outstanding skill levels, sportsmanship, teamwork and enthusiasm. I was very proud of them.

Team: Max M, Max W, Danny, Joseph, Nico, Vasalisa, Kate, Claire, Cameron, George, Sam S.



Year 5 & 6 Basketball Tournament

The older children were under immense pressure to follow in the Year 3 & 4’s footsteps in their afternoon tournament. Unfortunately a few schools had pulled out of the tournament leaving only three teams competing. Still, this meant the children played longer matches and got a feel for higher level basketball. The team did well to secure victory in their first game, working well as a team and supporting each other. Sadly they lost their second game after a hard fought battle, leaving them in 2nd place overall. Special mentions should be given to Tim and Hazel who worked very well together on court and also to Joe S who was presented with the MVP (Most Valued Player) award for the whole tournament. Well done to all the children below.

Team: Tim, Sidd, Joe S, Joe W, Alec, Ana, Hazel, Maia, Florence, Tobias


Cross Country

It was a crisp winter’s morning in Richmond Park last Friday when the Vineyard Cross Country team took on the challenge of the borough race! The team have been training hard every Friday morning, at the unearthly hour of 8am, so they were excited to put all that effort into a competitive situation. The boys competed amongst a group of 135 runners and the girls in a group of 123. All of the children should be proud of their achievements; running in such a huge event against some very talented runners is a big challenge but all our runners completed the race in good time. A special mention should go to Joe Whittaker (Year 6) who came in 38th place and finished with a massive sprint!


Runners: Beatriz (Yr 5), Shreya (Yr 5), Anya (Yr 5), Finlay (Yr 5), John (Yr 5), Joe S (Yr 6), Joe W (Yr 6), Ewan (Yr 5), Oscar (Yr 5).


Tag Rugby Festival ~ Friday 18th November

On Friday the 18th of November Mrs Bezodis was fortunate enough to take a very excited group of Year 6 children to the NPL in Teddington to compete in a borough wide Tag Rugby tournament. This is a very popular competition and includes the majority of schools in Richmond. As we don’t have a Tag Rugby club in school, these children had prepared during their PE lessons and were also lucky enough to have a coaching session the night before the competition run by some London Irish rugby players and coach. They displayed excellent spatial awareness, team spirit and encouragement but unfortunately did not win enough matches in the morning session to make it through to the Cup. Instead they played another three matches in the afternoon in the Plate competition. The games were close and exciting but the team didn’t make it through to the semi- finals. Credit should be given to all players as this was their first experience of competitive Tag Rugby and they really relished the challenge. In fact, two of our players were spotted and have been asked to attend training with a Richmond based club! Well done to all of the players below:

Alice, Sonia, Clare, Saskia, Casey, Aidan, Greg, Seb, Sam L, Sam N.


High Five Netball Festival ~ Friday 11th November

On Friday the 11th of November a group of Year 5 and 6 children competed in a High Five Netball tournament held at Old Deer Park. This is a huge competition which almost all schools in the borough compete in and therefore the standard is very high! The Vineyard was drawn in a difficult first round group but they played some excellent netball! This was even more impressive considering this was the first time they had played as a team and had no previous experience of competitive games, as the tournament is held so early in the season. Through their early success, they secured a place in the tournament Cup – a massive achievement in itself. This put them in with the best teams in the competition during the afternoon games. They continued to play well as a team, encouraging and supporting each other but unfortunately didn’t make it through to the semi-finals. Mrs Bezodis and Daphne Mather were so impressed with the skill and team spirit they demonstrated and are now looking forward to seeing the children grow as a team as they play their league matches.

Team Sheet:

Sonia, Ashleigh, Sophia, Tim, Tessa, Eric, Luke, Emily.