Pandora's Premiere

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Pandora’s Box 

On the 8th of December, The Vineyard School experienced their first ever film premiere: Pandora’s Box, a film made by year 6. We were told to dress up in dinner jackets and evening dresses, things that most of us didn’t possess and had to frantically shop for. Ms Buckley – surprise, surprise - wore eyeliner and Mr Cooper donned his only suit. We even had the chance to walk down the red carpet – a once in a lifetime opportunity for some, whilst the start of many for others- with the opposite gender; however, some of us didn’t succeed in this task and walked with the same gender but that didn’t matter that much. As we walked in we were handed a glass of bubbly (kids’ champagne) and were rushed to sit down on our reserved places. The actual premiere of the film was a big success and we all watched mesmerized by the amazing acting of our classmates, whilst the actual actors sat high and proud. Subsequently, when the film finished, 3 special children were awarded the first ever VAFTA’s out of the nominated 9, for their amazing behind the scenes work: Dorian for his awe-inspiring eagles, Lizzie for her director skills and Sophia for her evilness (we don’t understand the difference when she isn’t acting though). Whilst mums and dads took tons of photos as paparazzi, we were told that snacks and beverages were outside and that we could tuck in. Many of us were delighted to dash over to the food and drink, whilst some of the girls collected their coats. This was the end. The first ever vineyard premiere had come to an end. But at least now we know which children to look out for in future films!

Report by Alisa and Joe (Year 6)

Photographs courtesy of Steven Kelynack