Visit to The Royal Ballet School

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The Royal Ballet School

On the 29th February 2012, the Country Dancing Girls went to the Royal Ballet School to be able to get a little more intrigued by ballet. Unfortunately we were unable to have a lovely stroll through the park as we travelled by car.

The excitement increased as we approached the ballet school by car. Suddenly we all felt tense inside, the white walls of studios and dormitories were in our sight, to us they seemed like the great white walls of a magnificent palace.

As soon as we arrived by the gates everyone immediately hopped out of the stuffy cars. Soon we all sauntered through the gates; there was a gasp as eyes set on the splendid grounds. Sheets of grass like layers of velvet covered the soil alongside fountains and even football nets.

Finally we entered the theatre filled with glorious paintings of those who are lucky to have a talent for ballet. Soon we were sitting on the seats of the theatre waiting for the show to begin. The curtains were raised and the ballet class had begun! We were taught several steps and dances throughout the show. We were introduced to a couple of professional dancers: Marian and Locknum (Year 6s) who were extremely talented.

We were all quite sad when it finished but luckily we all got a photo with the fantastic Marian and Locknum! There were sighs of sadness as we jumped in the cars and set off back to school.

All thanks to Miss Creedy for getting us seats. Thank You!

By The Country Dancing group