Attendance and Absence


There is a strong relationship between regular attendance at school and children meeting their educational potential. At The Vineyard School we aim to work closely with pupils and their parents to ensure that children arrive punctually and attend regularly. Our Pupil Attendance Policy explains all the procedures that we have in place to ensure that our records are accurate. It also sets out how we work with families when problems with attendance and punctuality are identified.

To view our policy on Attendance and Absence please click here.

Procedure if a child is absent 

When a child is absent unexpectedly, the class teacher will record the absence in the register, and will inform the school office staff, who will check whether there has been contact from a parent or carer.  
The school encourages parents to telephone the school to inform them of their child’s absence through illness, on the first morning of absence by 9.30 a.m. This provides reassurance of a child’s safety in the event that parents cannot be contacted by telephone, for any reason.  
When the child returns to school, a note should be brought from a parent or carer to explain the absence, and confirm its duration, even if the parent telephoned the school on the first day of absence. If we have not received a telephone call or absence note, a ‘N’ letter will be sent home. Please complete the slip and return it to school with a reason for each of the absences listed. If we do not receive the reply slip within two weeks, these absences will be marked as unauthorised and cannot be changed at a later date. 
A note may be sent to the school prior to the day of absence, e.g. if a child has an unavoidable medical appointment.  

Parents wishing to apply for exceptional leave during term time should complete an Absence Request Form (available from the school office) and send it to the headteacher well in advance of the absence. A full explanation of the circumstances is always helpful. A meeting with the headteacher may be necessary to discuss the application further. Please read the Pupil Attendance Policy before submitting an application for exceptional leave.