Environmental Issues and Sustainability


Our School Environment

Vineyard Children discussing environmental issues with David Attenborough

We have taken huge steps at The Vineyard towards making our school environmentally friendly. This has included the creation of a new Conservation Area, the development of our Vineyard Garden and the setting up of animal/ bird habitats and feeding areas around the school grounds.

Our Conservation Area includes a pond with 25 native species of aquatic plants, newly planted indigenous trees, a woodland flower seed mix of 20 native species, 4 bat boxes, 4 bird boxes, 2 bird feeding stations, a variety of wildlife habitats including deadwood habitats, a ‘ladybird house’, amphibian hibernaculas and brash piles.

Not only does our Conservation Area support wildlife but it is also used as a great learning resource. It is a perfect place to go pond dipping, bird watching and mini beast ‘hunting’. The new Conservation Area was designed and built by JFA, who are a leading UK independent environmental consultancy. JFA have also come into talk to the children about bats.

In addition to our new Conservation Area we have our Vineyard Garden, which is home to a pond and our vegetable patch. Our Gardening Club gives children the opportunity to grow their own food and further develop the garden.

As we have a very large number of bird species visiting our school, we have bird boxes and feeders in our nature trail and courtyard. The Vineyard Bird Watching Club has counted 25 different species including a heron, a green woodpecker and green parakeets.