Fluent Maths


Practice ‘Learn Its’ at home with Fluent Maths - a simple, safe and fun Maths game based on the national curriculum developed by one of our very own Vineyard parent in association with the Vineyard School!


What is Fluent Maths?

Fluent Maths is a FREE, teacher-approved maths game that is child-safe and ad-free. Fun, engaging and specially designed for Year 1 and 2 primary school children, develop your child’s fluency and instant recall of core arithmetic skills with just 10 minutes daily practice.  


Multiplication tables is coming soon to help Year 3 and 4 children to instantly recall multiplication facts in preparation for the new statutory test to be introduced in 2019/2020 academic year!



“Children feel engaged as they independently answer questions that relate to age-specific maths objectives. They experience a real sense of achievement as they progress through a series of carefully crafted levels. As a parent, you will feel content in the knowledge that your child is answering the exact type of questions that they will encounter in their end of Key Stage SATs. Fluent Maths saves you the hassle of coming up with your own calculations, provides a clear and sensible progression of mental arithmetic skills and engages reluctant learners by making their ‘screen time’ both fun and educational.”

- Amy Salem

Maths Subject Lead, The Vineyard School

Who can use Fluent Maths?

The Key Stage 1 Fluent Maths app can be used by children of any age. However, pupils in Year 1 and Year 2 will benefit from a series of levels that have been carefully aligned with the number learning objectives of the Key Stage 1 mathematics National Curriculum.


Can’t I just practise these number facts verbally with my child?

Of course - the more practice the better! However, Fluent Maths provides your child with a series of levels that will aid their progression through their number fluency journey. Also, the questions are specifically designed to reflect the types of questions your child will encounter on informal and statutory tests. Fluent Maths does all the hard work so you don’t have to! You are able to allow your child to work independently, taking control of their own learning.


Visit www.fluentmaths.com for more information.