Going Home Arrangements

Pupils are released to their parents/carers by their teacher or teaching assistant at the end of the school day (Reception at 3.10, Year 1&2 at 3.20 and Year 3-6 at 3.25). The children are handed over from the nearest external exit from the classroom. Parents/carers who wish to arrange for someone else to pick up their child on a regular basis must inform the school of these arrangements in writing. One-off arrangements should be entered into the ‘Going Home Book’ hung outside the classroom. Those parents/carers who do not come into school can telephone the school office by 3.00 p.m. All children should be collected by an adult. Parents/carers who wish older siblings (over sixteen years) to collect children should request this in writing.
Children who have not been picked up know that they should re-enter the classroom and let their teacher or teaching assistant know and they will be taken to the school office and their parents/carer will be contacted.
We allow some Y5 and Y6 pupils to travel home independently. To do so the school must be provided with written permission from their parents/carers.

Pupils attending clubs after school should be collected at the designated exit which is recorded on the term extra-curricular activity sheet.

If for any reason there is a problem with the arrangements please let a teacher or member of staff know so that we can resolve any difficulties for you.