Governors' Tea Party


Governors’ Tea Party Award

At The Vineyard School we all try to recognise and praise positive behaviour and attitudes which are in keeping with the school’s ethos. Our children’s behaviour overall is almost always excellent. However, there are some children who stand out as great role models for their peers because of their consistently excellent behaviour, their positive attitude to their learning and their kind and supportive attitude toward others and their environment. This new award is to recognise and celebrate these children who may not always get the attention that they deserve. Congratulations to the children who have been chosen by their teachers for this special award. We hope that you enjoy reading what their teachers say about them.

Governors' Tea Party Nominations, 12th June 2017

3W – Zara

Zara is a joy to have in the class. She is a kind and caring girl who is always eager to help and include others both in the playground and in class.  Zara has a super attitude to learning; she always works really hard and tries her best.  Zara, you have had a brilliant Year Three and you should be really proud of yourself and all your achievements. Enjoy the cakes, as they are well deserved! 

4C – Oliver

Oliver is a superb young pupil who has shown himself to be an excellent role model this year. Adults often comment that he is always ready and keen to learn! In addition, Oliver has made an incredible effort to include himself in all areas of sporting life at The Vineyard School; this effort has paid off and has resulted in him being picked for the local borough sports competition. It is my immense pleasure to recognise Oliver for his endeavours this year by picking him for the Governors Tea Party. 

4D – Luca

Luca – You are polite and friendly, you have a great sense of fun and you are an excellent role model to the rest of the class.   You embrace the growth mind-set and challenge yourself to do your best in all that you do, even when you are finding it hard.   You always have something valuable to contribute in class, have excellent sportsmanship and can be relied upon for getting on with what you have been asked to do.  You are a delight to have in the class.  Keep up the good work! 

5MB – Talya

It has been a joy to observe with Talya’s growing self-confidence, that she also has a wonderful sense of humour and is becoming quite a chatterbox; she is great fun to have in the classroom.  In addition, she has an incredible work ethic and strives for perfection in all she does and, as a result, has made incredible progress in acquiring the English language. 

5Sa – Alexander

I nominate Alexander for the Governor's Tea Party as - quite simply - he deserves it! He has worked exceptionally hard this year. I can always rely on Alexander to give everything 100% effort. He listens intently in class to both the teacher and to other children. The work he produces is always carefully considered and he constantly strives to improve. I think sometimes he doesn't realise how much I appreciate having him in my class. Alexander, you are a superb pupil - inquisitive, diligent, helpful and kind - and you thoroughly deserve this recognition. 

5Sh – Ruby

Ruby, I am sending you to Governor’s Tea-Party to show you how much I appreciate having you in my class. Every day you have come into school calm, smiling and focused on learning. You have thrilled me with your consistent effort, your desire to do your best – and of course with your wonderful ambition in writing. The Vineyard – and I – are very proud of you. You are a delightful, calm, friendly girl and I have loved being with you. Well done and keep it up! 

6C – Freddy

I would like to nominate Freddy Rossigneux for the Governor's Tea Party. Year 6 has undoubtedly been Freddy's year to shine and he has never shied away from the opportunity to be a truly exceptional ambassador for the school or the year group. It has been an utter delight watching him become the dutiful, diligent and charming young man that he is and I am so proud to listen (constantly) to the praise he receives from other members of staff. Freddy has been perfect this year and I could ask no more of him. At no point has he not delivered 100% and striven to reach the highest of expectations placed on him.

Freddy, you most definitely need to be rewarded for everything you have achieved this year Have fun! 

6T – William

I cannot think of a child who deserves this more than William does. Focused, diligent and enthusiastic about every task or challenge, he attacks each day with every ounce of his energy. Although this focus may not always come as easily to William, what I admire is his efforts to achieve it and his determination allows him to become successful. Well done William you have been such a pleasure to have in my class this year. Enjoy the cakes!



Governors' Tea Party Nominations, 28th March 2017

 3TD – Toby

Toby enjoys all the sports opportunities that The Vineyard School offers and takes part enthusiastically.  He puts a lot of effort into homework projects and presented some interesting slides about Thomas Edison.  Toby has a quiet manner in class but enjoys spending time with his friends.  He is a good mathematician and does his best to impress the adults around him with his mature attitude.  Toby is a popular member of the class and is working hard to make sure he achieves in all areas of the curriculum.  Well done Toby

3W – Sebastian

Seb is an absolute pleasure to teach.   He is an excellent role model to others as he is always doing the right thing, has a super attitude to learning and works hard in all subjects.  Seb is a helpful, kind and polite member of 3W and the class wouldn’t be the same without you.  I hope you enjoy your treat Seb because you deserve it!

4C – Grace

Grace is a wonderfully kind and upbeat member of 4C. I have watched Grace transform and mature over the course of the year; she has developed an incredible attitude toward her work and toward self-improvement. Modest and quiet, Grace dutifully comes in every day and tries her absolute hardest, not for the recognition, but because that is what she wants to do! In addition, she is extraordinarily supportive of others in the class and will go out of her way to help them. This is not because she wants to be seen to be helpful, she does this because it is part of who she is. In a nutshell, Grace is a perfect example of what a Vineyard child is like and it gives me great pleasure to nominate her for the Governors’ Tea Party to recognise this!

 4D – Wilma

I am choosing Wilma for the Governors’ tea party to celebrate all the hard work that she has put into her learning this year.  She is polite and friendly and is always willing to try new things.  She is beginning  to share her valuable ideas with the class and her sense of fun.  She supports her peers and willingly and gracefully accepts support from her peers.   Wilma shares my enjoyment of the outdoors and I look forward to more gardening together and working on our habitats topic next term!

 5MB – Thomas

We feel to be invited, pupils should;- work hard in class, be polite, be kind, support their peers and show other pupils what to aspire to through what they do and say. Thomas, you meet all the above and more. You are a joy to have in class and make 5MB a better place. Enjoy the honour of going and please bring us some cake!

 5Sa – Matthew

Matthew is our class ninja. He moves with such stealth and precision that you often forget he's in the room! His work ethic, though, is completely UNFORGETTABLE. His attitude to his studies and his dedication to his extra curricular commitments is first class. As well as this, he never fails to give 100% in every single subject even the ones he finds a little tricky. Another thing that is very noticeable about Matthew is what a genuinely lovely person he is. He's incredibly polite, kind and considerate to both children and adults. Put simply, Matthew is just an awesome member of 5SA!

 5Sh – Neala

Neala, I am sending you to Governor’s Tea-Party to show you how much I appreciate having you in my class. It must have been a huge change for you to come to this busy, bustling school with so many new faces. Yet you have settled brilliantly. You are popular and have made good friends and - of course! - you have worked wonderfully well since you arrived. The Vineyard is very proud of you. You are a delightful, calm, friendly girl and I am thrilled to have you in my class. Well done and keep it up!

 6C – Isabella

I truly believe, that due to her generally quiet nature, Isabella has often been overlooked to receive the recognition she deserves. She is an incredibly hard-working, diligent and focused child who has the perfect balance of 'being a child' and 'mature young adult'. It is time for her to be rewarded for her hard work and for making my teaching experience so much more enjoyable. To spend time in Issy's company is a joy and a delight. I would not be without her in my class and look forward to the next term and a half being her teacher. Enjoy your cake Issy: you deserve it!

 6T – Zoe

Simply put, Zoe is an outstanding Vineyard pupil. To teach such a diligent pupil, who is so utterly determined, is an absolute pleasure. There is not a day that goes by when Zoe does not work as hard as she possibly can; in return, she is reaping the rewards. Thank you for being such a polite, well-mannered and delightful child to teach. Enjoy the cakes! 


Governors’ Tea Party Nominations, 8th December 2016


3TD – Nell

Nell is a lively member of the class who always strives to do her best.  She is always helpful and polite.  Nell will go out of her way to support other children in the class and always shows great respect for any adults she works with.  Nell enjoys activities outside of school and shares her news with us enthusiastically.  She recently presented a beautiful scientific poster and explained it perfectly with a lovely clear voice.  Nell is a valued member of the class.

Well done Nell from Mrs Dominy.


3W – Madison

Madison has had a fantastic start to year 3 and is an absolute pleasure to teach.  She serves as an excellent role model to others as she is always incredibly helpful, polite and kind and is always doing the right thing.  She also has a super attitude to learning and tries her best in every subject.  Madison, you should be really proud of yourself and all your achievements. Enjoy the cakes as they are well deserved!

P.S. We are all going to really miss you and your beaming smile. Good luck in America and please stay in touch!


4C – Zaara

Since joining the Vineyard in September, Zaara has consistently worked hard in all subjects. Her attitude toward learning is exemplary and her work is very well thought-out. In addition, Zaara demonstrates an inquisitiveness and enthusiasm for school which sets an example to her peers. Over the term, Zaara has showed kindness and empathy to all members of the class; as a result, she is very well respected by her peers. In short, Zaara is a wonderful member of our class and I am incredibly grateful to have the privilege to teach her.


4D – India

India - you are a delight to have in the class.  You work really hard in all that you do and if you find something difficult, you just work harder at it.  You are polite and friendly and, in your own quiet way, you are an excellent role model to the rest of the class.  You may not be the first to volunteer your views but you always have something valuable to say when you do contribute.  You have made a great start to year 4 - well done!


5MB – Marina

Marina is completely and utterly focussed throughout the day; her determination to succeed is absolutely remarkable. Yet, she remains kind, friendly and charming – willing to support others and eager to join in class fun. Mr Marsden and I know that we can always rely on Marina.  Her calm, gentle demeanour makes her a pleasure to know and teach.


5Sa – Emma

Emma is an outstanding pupil and role model for the rest of year 5. Her manners are impeccable and she never fails to put 100% effort into absolutely everything she does. Emma strives to be the best version of herself. She is also kind and considerate to everyone.


5Sh – Saffron

Saffron, I am sending you to Governor’s Tea-Party to show you how much I appreciate having you in my class. You are an absolutely wonderful pupil and The Vineyard is very proud of you. You bring such life and spirit and energy to the classroom and most of all to your learning – and as a wonderful, generous person you are even teaching karate to others to allow them, in turn, to learn from you! You are fun to be around. We all enjoy our day a little more because you are there. I certainly do! Thank you so much for being an inspiration to us all!


6C – Oscar

My nomination for this tea party is Oscar. I have been witness to one of the most wonderful transformations ever with Oscar. He is the epitome of the perfect Vineyard child. He is mature, self-aware, charming, courteous, humorous and -above all else - adored by all who have the privilege and pleasure of working with him. Oscar is the type of child who brings joy to the classroom and makes the often difficult job of teaching an absolute pleasure. Without Oscar my classroom would be a much less lively, interesting and enjoyable space.

Thank you Oscar for all the hard work you've put into becoming such an amazing individual. Enjoy the tea party, you deserve it.


6T – Gracie

Gracie is a ball of infectious, delightful energy. From the moment she walks into the room, Gracie takes it upon herself to light it with enthusiasm and optimism - simply delightful. Kind, caring and thoughtful, she considers each and every one of her peers during group tasks and leads her group to success without being domineering. Teaching Gracie gives me pleasure each and every single day simply because she enjoys learning and strives to develop her understanding of situations she faces. Thank you for being an utterly and completely wonderful pupil.