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The most important facets of life at The Vineyard are care, challenge and creativity. As a school, we are passionate about meeting all children's needs, ensuring their happiness and making the most of their individual talents.

Our children thrive in a learning environment that is designed to engage and excite. The focus on developing a lifelong love of learning is underpinned by rigorous attention to the development of essential skills and tools. This focus and attention, combined with continual formative assessment of attainment and progress, ensures that each child is thoroughly prepared for the next stage of learning and has the opportunity to maximise his or her potential.

As we live in a constantly changing, multi-cultural world and global economy, we endeavour to provide our children with the skills that are essential for success in the twenty-first century. Our focus on the development of a growth mindset ensures that all children are equipped to face the challenges ahead. We want our pupils to leave The Vineyard having developed a love of learning, gained a desire to extend their understanding throughout their lives and to be without fear of acquiring new skills and knowledge as the world around changes. Our children are able to recognise that individually they can make a difference to their own future and to that of our planet.

All of this is achieved through providing a creative and imaginative curriculum that opens windows into an inviting world, rich in opportunities for the children to enjoy.


·         To challenge all children to reach their potential

·         To create a caring, cohesive community

·         To develop the courage and trust to embrace innovation and creativity

·         To provide a rich, imaginative and inspiring curriculum suitable for tomorrow’s citizens of the world

·         To develop interested and interesting individuals


We shall:

·         Embrace challenge, try to overcome obstacles and work hard in order to continually improve

·         Support and encourage everyone in our community

·         Expect excellence in all areas of school life, believing that we can always go beyond our best

·         Be inspired by the successes of members of our community

·         Thrive and improve on being given feedback

·         Maintain a safe, secure and happy environment

·         Value every child as an individual

·         Inform parents/carers about their children’s progress, school events and any difficulties that arise at

·         Welcome parents and provide opportunities for them to become involved in school life


I shall:

·         Enjoy stretching myself, take risks and enjoy learning from extending myself

·         Persist in the face of setbacks

·         Learn from constructive criticism and always endeavour to improve

·         Understand that growth and learning require effort

·         Be inspired to reach greater heights through other people’s successes

·         Believe  that I can reach ever-higher levels of achievement

·         Get ready for school in the morning and make sure I am ready to leave on time

·         Respect all adults and people who are in school to help me to achieve my best


I shall:

·         Ensure that my child attends school regularly, arrives in good time prepared for the range of lessons
      and activities ahead

·         Take an interest in my child’s learning by becoming aware of how they learn, what they need to do next,
      supporting with homework and what is being taught through attending Parent/Teacher meetings and
      reviewing information provided on the school’s website

·         Read all school communications promptly and respond when necessary

·         Encourage my child to respect and value the adults who help them

·         Support the school in the implementation of guidelines and policies , especially concerning behaviour

·         Inform the school of issues that may affect my child’s work or behaviour and work in partnership with 
       the school together to resolve these