House Captains

All the children at The Vineyard are part of a House Team. Each team has its own colours. Junior children have T-shirts and sweat shirts in House colours for use in P.E., which can be bought from school.

The House Teams
  • Unicorn (Blue)
  • Dragon (Green)
  • Phoenix (Red)
  • Griffin (Yellow)

Children are encouraged to support their house team through various competitions throughout the year. These include: the half-term House Point Competition (house points being given by teachers for good work or behaviour); Sports Day and Inter-house football and netball. Other less regular events can also enable children to win house points for their team.

House Team Captains

        The House Captains for 2016-17 will be elected during the Autumn Term 2016

            Unicorn Team Captains  TBA           Dragon Team Captains TBA


           Griffin Team Captains  TBA          Phoenix Team Captains TBA