Learn Its


Here at The Vineyard School, we aim to develop children's fluency in the fundamentals of mathematics with a view to using and applying their knowledge. Therefore, it is important that they have good recall of key maths facts, such as number bonds; doubles and halves; times tables and equivalents in percentages, fractions and decimals. In order for children to develop their understanding of mathematical concepts, it is vital that they are regularly practising the underlying facts whilst ensuring that these are suitable for their stage of development. Our aim is to enable children to tackle practical tasks, to problem solve and to develop their powers of reasoning and logical thinking through the exploration of mathematical structures. Therefore, children will be working on ‘Learn Its’ in the classroom and will hugely benefit from practising these at home.


What are ‘Learn Its’?

-         A set of number facts that children need to INSTANTLY RECALL.

-         Whilst each year group has specific facts that need to be learnt, often the year will begin by consolidating the learning from previous years and these will be shared with parents by your child’s class teacher.

-         They are sequential and build mathematical understanding.

-         They underpin the foundations in which children can draw from when calculating, problem solving and reasoning.

How are ‘Learn Its’ consolidated and embedded?

-         Daily ‘Learn Its’ practice takes place in all classrooms in age appropriate form

-         Once per week a ‘Learn Its Beat That Challenge’ will take place in Y1 – 4 and quick quizzes in Y5 – 6 until they have finished the ‘Learn Its’ journey

-         ‘Learn Its’ should be practised regularly at home.

How can I help my child at home with their Learn Its?

-         Please see ‘Helping With Learn Its At Home’ document, which can also be found on The Vineyard School website

-         Y1 – 4 can use ‘Learn Its Beat That Challenges’ which can also be found on the website


With these in place, we are preparing the children at The Vineyard to be keen, confident and careful mathematicians ready to problem solve!​