Learn Its

'Learn Its' is the term we use to describe a series of basic number facts that the children need to be able to recall with fluency (accurately and at speed - i.e. automatically). The term comes from a scheme of work that we used to use in maths lessons.

Possessing a secure grasp of these key facts frees up working memory meaning that your child is able to solve more complicated calculations and word problems with greater confidence, resilience and accuracy. 

Children practise their Learn Its in school at least once a week.

From Year 1 to Year 6, children are assessed each week to gain an understanding of their progress along the journey. The assessments they use should then be sent home with the children so parents / carers can also develop an understanding of their child's progress.

Each half term, class teachers will send a letter / ParentMail home informing parents of their child's current step so that practice can be targeted.

Home learning is key to your child's success on their Learn Its journey. Broadly speaking, practice should be quick, purposeful and regular. Just six questions a day is perfect; practising for 30 minutes at a time - whilst well-meaning - is unsustainable and will no doubt dent yours and your child's enjoyment of maths and home learning.

Reception children need only practise their Learn Its in school.

Below is an overview of the Learn Its journey. Key facts are grouped into steps which are then further grouped in columns.​ These columns broadly correlate to year groups from Reception to Year 6 (although children should not be restricted to a column if their recall of their year group Learn Its is secure).