Meet the PTA

We empower pupils, teachers and fellow parents and carers to support the growth of each child at The Vineyard School to his or her highest potential.


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Every new parent or carer joining the school automatically becomes a member of The Vineyard School PTA.


The PTA is not "them", it is us. It is you.

We run a number of events every year, ranging from small activities such as the 2nd hand uniform sales and quiz nights to large events such as the fireworks and the summer fair which also attract the wider community.

One of the aims of these events is to bring the school community closer together and give families the opportunity to meet within and across year groups.

But in times of tight government funding, the PTA also fulfils an important role in topping up that funding to buy, build and enable additional resources such as upgraded class rooms, the Science Garden, Creative Arts Week, the Early Learning Garden and equipment for the libraries and teaching kitchen.



Our goal is to stand out as a model for parental support of a state primary school in the United Kingdom.



In order of importance the role of the PTA is to:

Connect teachers to parents and carers

Convene the Vineyard Community

Raise funds to elevate The Vineyard School beyond the level of minimum state funding. (State standards of funding do not include funding for the library, an additional photocopy machine, AV equipment, smartboards, playground equipment and many elements of the school that our children use every day.)



The Vineyard PTA acts with:

Openness: We listen closely to parents and operate transparently.

Efficiency: We aim to make it easy to help your child’s school and we value any form of contribution, from time to money, ideas or cake.

Fun: We are an inclusive group that people want to join (and are welcome to do so)



How can you help your child's school?

· Volunteer to help man a stall at an event (a great opportunity to meet other parents)

· Sign up to be a class rep

· Help organise an event or take on a micro project

· Join PTA committee

We are very keen to involve new parents, and the work of the PTA is part of what makes the Vineyard the great school it is.

We all lead very busy lives, and spare time is tight, but with so many different ways to get involved, there are options for everyone and it's a fantastic way of socialising and becoming part of the school community.


How is the PTA Structured?

The PTA is a flat organisation of which every parent or carer is an automatic member.

For efficiency, there are several sections to the PTA


Core functions with a summary (in draft form):


1- Core support functions: Chair, Secretary and Treasurer

Work with parents and carers to set vision and priorities

Ensure all necessary roles are filled

Enable all forms of communication

Account for money raised and spent

Sponsorship Coordinator: Find, prioritise and approach organisations local and national that may be willing to support financially or other ways

Ensure the legal entity delivers books to the charity commission, pays insurance, etc.

Maintain PTA assets remain in good working order (wooden hut, noticeboard, store room, etc.)


2- Class Reps: Class Rep Coordinator and Class Reps

Ensure each class has two Class Reps

Enhance connection between the individual parents and teachers in each class


3- Event Leads: Coordinate our school-wide and other events

Fireworks, Summer Fair, May Fair, etc.