Meet the Staff

Welcome to our meet the staff section. Below you can find out about the staff that work at The Vineyard and enjoy viewing the artwork of our students. For more information please don't hesitate to contact us.

Teaching Staff

Ms Pearse

   Mr Rosewell
 Co Headteacher/Deputy Headteacher


Ms Buckley          

Deputy Headteacher/Assistant Headteacher
Curriculum and Literacy Leader, Upper KS2 Phase Leader

Mrs Axbey 
Assistant Headteacher/Inclusion Leader


Mrs Bryant

Bananas  Yr R Class Teacher

Miss Irving

Blueberries Yr R Class Teacher
EYFS leader

Miss Glaves

Limes Yr R Class Teacher 

Mrs Houllier

Hummingbirds Yr 1 Class Teacher

Mrs Welsh/Mrs Boyce

Wombats Yr 1 Class Teachers 

Ms Papakonstantinou

Parrots Yr 1 Class Teacher

 Mr Bruynseels
2B Class Teacher

Mrs Liebmann
2L Class Teacher


Mrs Welsh
 2W Class Teacher
KS 1 Phase Leader


Miss Wakefield
 3W Class Teacher
 Mrs Dominy
 3TD Class Teacher


Mr Charlton
4C Class Teacher


Mrs Darling
4D Class Teacher


Miss Salem
5SA Class Teacher


Mr Shaw

5SH Class Teacher


Miss Buckley
Mr Marsden
5MB Class Teacher


Mr Cooper

6C Class Teacher

Miss Tuck

6T Class Teacher
Maths Leader

 Ms Krommyda

Teacher of French



Mrs Beith

Teacher Support

Mrs Costantini

Teacher Support 


Mrs Ruyoka

Teacher Support

Non-Teaching Staff

Ms Robinson

School Business Manager



Mrs Bruynseels

Admin Assistant


Miss Creedy

Office Manager

Mr Morley

Site Manager


Ms Glaser

Welfare Officer and Teacher Admin Assistant

Alternate Wednesday, Every Thursday and Friday

Miss Mileham

Junior Admin Assistant 

Mrs Mann 

Welfare Officer and Teacher Admin Assistant

Alternate Wednesday, Every Monday and Tuesday

 Mr Durham

ICT Technician

Mrs Huntington

Finance Assistant 

Teaching Assistants, Teacher Support and

Lunchtime Support


Ms Bindoff

SEN Manager

Mrs Locke

Sports Assistant / Year 6 TA

Mrs Joseph

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Khaira


Ms Collier

Teaching Assistant

Miss Grundy

Teaching Assistant

 Mrs Bedi

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Felton

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Dunner

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Witham

Teaching Assistant


Mrs Fevrier

Teaching Assistant


Miss Gates






Miss Reeves

Teaching Assistant


Miss Butler


Miss Bruton 


Miss Rolls


Mrs Owczarczak


Miss Walsh


Miss Jeffs


Ms Religa

Family counsellor 

Mrs Adnan


Miss Samra


Mrs Gomes



Mrs Hookway


Miss Tarrant


Miss Napier

Hot School Meals Supervisor

  Mrs Martin


  Miss Steele


Miss Aris





 School Chef

Jakub Owczarczak