School Council

The School Council is an annually elected forum of Vineyard children who meet to discuss and resolve issues raised by their peers. Classes elect one member to represent the views of their group.

In recent years the School Council has worked on issues ranging from making lunchtimes a positive experience for everyone and caring for the wildlife around our school.

School Travel Plan Silver Accreditation

The Vineyard School are setting our targets high and hope to achieve Sustainable Travel Accreditation for our Travel Plan this year. To achieve accreditation we have to undertake a number of initiatives aimed at reducing car journeys and promoting more environmental friendly forms of travel. Many of the initiatives are driven by our School Council who deliver assemblies, promote green competitons and hold coffee mornings aimed at encouraging the Vineyard community to walk, use public transport, cycle, scoot to school.

Other STP initiatives include:

•Wow, the walk once a week scheme

•Walk to school week

•Cycle, walking and scooting safety sessions

•Cycle maintenance sessions

•Numerous assemblies promoting green travel

•Coffee morning promoting our School Travel Plan

•Newsletters to the school and local residents

•School Travel updates on the website

•Sponsored Walk

•School Travel Plan noticeboard

•Promotion of car sharing by teachers

•Walking Bus

•Additional cycle shelters

•Relocation of existing cycle and scooter shelters

•Provision of teaching on environmental issues/travel

•School assemblies on green travel and safety delivered by School Council and Junior Safety Officers

•Signing up to Eco-Schools