School Lunches and Packed Lunches

Radish provide our delicious cooked school meals. We have our own chef and catering team who prepare all the meals on site. They offer hot and cold options which provide good nutritional balance and enable the children to choose from a range of healthy options.  

Some children bring a packed lunch to school. We follow guidelines from Food in Schools and work with parents to eradicate confectionery items and fizzy drinks brought into school. We do not allow nuts due to some of our children having severe allergic reactions.

The school recognises that parents provide packed lunches for a variety of reasons, including dietary requirements or intolerance, and religious observance. For this reason, food should not be swapped or shared with other children. 

If you want more information read our Healthy Eating Policy. 


The Dining Environment

The school is committed to providing a welcoming eating environment that encourages the positive social and cultural interaction of our pupils. We are also committed to:

  • Active help for children (particularly young children) who find the physical process of school dinners or packed lunch difficult, for example, carrying trays or opening tubs and packets
  • Encouraging all children to eat the food they have been provided with
  • Equal treatment of children having school dinners and packed lunches, in terms of provision and supervision
  • Providing water for everyone
  • Encouraging children to wash their hands before eating