School Uniform

We firmly believe that our uniform promotes a sense of pride in The Vineyard School and gives the school a strong and positive identity in the local community. School uniform is compulsory.


All Early Years children must have a plain navy or black jacket;   a pair of plain navy or black waterproof trousers and a pair of wellington boots to be kept in school.


Summer School Uniform

Winter School Uniform
  • Navy tailored school shorts (not cargo pants or denim)

  • White polo shirts with red and white striped collar and sleeve trim and the school logo
  •  Light blue and white checked dresses
  • Navy or black hair bands
  • White socks - girls
  • Navy/grey socks - boys
  • Black/navy sandals with closed toes and heels
  • School sweatshirts or school cardigan/jumper
  • School fleeces (optional)
  • School rain jackets (optional) / navy blue or black coats 
  • Navy tailored school trousers (not corduroy, denim or cargo pants)
  • Navy skirts
  • Navy pinafores
  • Red tights (YR – Y4)
  • Navy / red tights (Y5 – Y6)
  • Navy or black hair bands
  • White polo shirts with red and white striped collar and sleeve trim and the school logo. Long or short sleeved.
  • Navy/black school shoes (no trainers)
  • School sweatshirts or school cardigan/jumper
  • School fleeces (optional)
  • School rain jackets (optional) / Navy blue or black coats 
School UniformOutdoor Clothes
Our weather often changes throughout the course of the school day and unfortunately summer cannot be relied upon for warm and sunny weather. Please ensure that your child brings a coat and at least a sweatshirt during summer months. Children can be very unhappy if they are cold during break times.
School Bags
Reception, Y1, Y2 and Y3
Children in these year groups should bring a book bag, and a drawstring P.E. bag. Please note that the backpacks are not permitted in these Year groups as they do not fit into the cloakroom cubbyholes.
Years 4, 5 and 6
The older children have lockers so backpacks are suitable for Years 4, 5 and 6. These children will also need a drawstring P.E. bag.
All these bags are available online from Mapac with the school logo. Bags of a similar size or smaller (plain/dark colours preferred), are also permitted.
In the interests of your child’s safety, please ensure that jewellery is not worn in school other than for religious reasons. Young children are physically active in school and accidents can result from earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and braids being caught or pulled. Children may wear wristwatches providing that they take personal responsibility for them.
Earrings must be small studs in the ear lobe only.

P.E. Kit and Arrangements


 PE Uniform


Swimming Kit
  • What to bring:


    1 - A drawstring/plastic bag

    2 - Close fitting swimwear (swimsuits for girls (not two piece) and fitted shorts above the knee.

    3 – Towel

    4 – Swim hat

    4 – Optional items (hair brush, goggles)


    To accommodate cultural sensitivity, long sleeves/legged clothing will be permitted providing it is tight fitting.


  • Plain navy shorts

  • Colour T-shirt appropriate to their house team

  • Colour Sweatshirt appropriate to their house team

  • Plain navy track suit trousers or plain navy sports leggings

  • Trainers for indoor and hardcourt outdoor PE

  • Plastic studded boots for outdoor field PE (years 5 and 6)

  • Drawstring bag

  • Change of white socks or plain navy football style socks

All children must have a complete set of labelled PE kit in school in a named PE bag. If a child does not have their PE kit at school, they will not be able to take part in PE and a reminder will be sent home.

The children must have a letter from their parent/carer if they can not participate in a PE lesson because of an injury.

Children should not wear jewellery, unless for religious reasons (and then it should be taped). If stud earrings are worn, they must be removed before PE, or covered with a plaster which should be included with their PE kit.

Children with long hair should have their hair tied up.


It is essential that all items of school clothing, including trainers, are clearly labelled with your child’s name. This helps your child look after their belongings and prevents them from becoming upset over lost items. Remember that all school sweatshirts look the same!

Ordering Uniform
All compulsory items of school uniform and PE kit can be purchased from Mapac
Please ensure you use the website address above as the company have an old website with a similar address on which The Vineyard School does not appear.