Skoolbo is a free literacy and maths learning game.

This week, children from Y1 to Y6 have been introduced to Skoolbo, a literacy and maths game.

Children from Year 1 to Year 6 each have an individual user account. This account gives each child full and free use of the program on any device. As Skoolbo is adaptive, each child’s unique login enables the system to offer appropriate levels of challenge.

For information on Skoolbo - and for links to download the program for PC, Mac, iOS and Android - visit See the Parent Guide available at the Downloads tab on the website for additional tips and instructions.

*E-Safety Note*: There is no advertising on Skoolbo and there are no in-app purchases. Children are not able to communicate on Skoolbo and there is no possibility of unsafe interactions.

Tips for Maximum Benefit

Don’t let other children (or adults) play on your child’s account. Skoolbo uses a smart algorithm that determines the most appropriate learning activities specifically for your child based on his or her recent performance. Other users on your child’s unique account could affect the level of activity presented to your child.