Starting School at The Vineyard

When your child has received a formal offer of a Reception place from the Local Authority, you will be invited to a series of visits and events which are designed to ensure that you and your child are fully prepared for the big event.

In June we run an Information Evening for all new Reception parents. During this evening you will:

  • Meet all the staff (including the Head Teacher) who will be teaching your child during Reception.
  • Watch a short presentation, with photos, about what a child’s day in Reception looks like.
  • Hear about the ways you can help your child to prepare for coming to school in September.
  • Meet the PTA and hear about all the social and fund-raising events that you can attend.
  • Order and buy school uniform.
  • Meet many other new parents.

Cloak Room

In July your child will be invited to come and spent part of a morning in his new classroom, with his new teachers and with around 15 of his new class-mates, so that when he starts in September the place will feel slightly more familiar.

In September, just before starting school, you and your child will have a Home Visit. This is when your child’s teacher will come and visit you at home and is an invaluable opportunity for getting to know each other. The teachers will spend around 45 minutes with you, discussing your child’s nursery experience, finding out about their likes and dislikes, discussing any medical issues and answering any questions that you may have. For the children it’s a great opportunity to meet their teacher in a familiar setting, to show them their favourite toys, introduce them to any pets and to show off their bedrooms.

Once all the children have started at school there will be another Information Evening, usually in early October, for parents to come and find out a little more about what the children will be learning during Reception. During this evening you will learn about:

  • The Reception topic-based curriculum that your child will be following through the year.
  • How your child will be taught to read and write, including lots of useful tips about how you can help with this at home.
  • Information about our Maths curriculum, also with ideas for reinforcing these skills at home.
  • An opportunity for any general questions.

At the beginning of November all parents are invited to come and have a short meeting with their child’s teacher to discuss how your child has settled into school, to share information about what your child can already do, and to discuss what steps he needs to take next in order to move his learning forward.

For advice on how to prepare your child for school, please click here.