The Creative Curriculum

 At the very heart of our philosophy is the desire to promote and nurture all aspects of creativity. Imaginative and innovative approaches are applied to the teaching strategies employed throughout the school in all areas of the curriculum. We positively encourage our children to think creatively and independently in every aspect of their education, as well as continually providing them with opportunities to demonstrate their inventiveness.                          

·         Some examples of how we might achieve this could be:

·         A two minute improvised play about the flow of water around a home to demonstrate the children’s understanding

·         A dance with percussion accompaniment to illustrate the flow of a river

·         A mock battle using Roman shields made by the children. This could also employ mathematical problem solving and historical re-enactment, thereby developing greater understanding in three subject areas

·         The production of films that provide clear evidence of the application of scientific principles.

In addition to the above, a more conventional understanding of creativity is evident through our award winning choir; impressive orchestra; annual stage productions by various year groups and the excellent artwork on display throughout the entire school.

We believe it is essential that we teach our children to appreciate and respond to the works of great artists, authors and poets whilst equipping them with the appropriate language with which to express their impressions. Also they are constantly invited to use such sources as a stimuli and inspiration for their own writing and artwork. Similarly, when seeking original solutions to complex mathematical and scientific problems, the children are required to think creatively and to apply their own independent solutions in order to fully investigate all possibilities. In these ways we continually challenge and develop higher order thinking skills in all our pupils. Creativity pervades every aspect of school life.