The Vineyard Values

 Creating a ‘Stand-Out’ school by igniting a life-long love of learning

At The Vineyard, we believe that we are an exceptional school community which is caring and creative; celebrating diversity and committed to excellence. We ASPIRE, through our values, to deliver a world-class education and become a role model for the schools of tomorrow.
We want our children to access a continual stream of memorable experiences where child-initiated learning is real, immersive and powerful.
Lessons should not only be innovative and inspiring but purposeful and fun.
We are passionate about teaching our children to become 21st Century lead learners who are resilient and resourceful.
Digital fluency is taught so that technology enriches and enhances learning, preparing us for a world that does not yet exist.
By encouraging our community to collaborate, embrace challenge and celebrate success, we are striving to be the best we can possibly be.
We have clear values and aim to develop well-rounded, independent individuals preparing them for their future careers by giving them the learning experiences they need to make a positive contribution to the wider world.
By teaching children to be enterprising, we are preparing the learners of today to make a difference in the world tomorrow.



Self Aware