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Meet our Junior Travel Ambassadors

Meet out new Junior Travel Ambassadors (JTAs) Gustav, Rupert-Xavier and Jude from Year 5.

The JTAs recently attended a seminar to learn all about travelling safely.  Here they share some of what they learnt (written by the JTAs):

  • To walk safely, you always have to make sure that you look left and right when crossing the road.  You also have to listen to know if there is a car coming.
  • Road safety is very important.  You must always stop, look and listen.  There is often an arrow on the road that says “look left” or “look right” – always obey signs.
  • Walking, scooting and biking are all good exercises for the body so make sure that you are active for at least 60 minutes a day.  Always wear a helmet when scooting or cycling and take care.
  • During Road Safety Week, our JTAs performed in assemblies to Key Stage 2 and Reception to spread the word about safe travel and will be visiting Key Stage 1 shortly.