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What Our Children Say

Put simply, our children make our school: they are the beating heart of our community. It is our aim at The Vineyard to nurture independent and resilient minds, and provide all our pupils with opportunities to become the best versions of themselves.

Below are a selection of comments from our children about what it means to them to be a part of The Vineyard School:

Vineyard Alumna, now at LEH:

"During my time at The Vineyard, every teacher encouraged me to do my very best, and I am very grateful that they did. The Vineyard has always fully supported me in my learning and all my experiences here have taught me valuable lessons; The Vineyard is a truly inspirational and creative school!"

Year 1 Pupils:

"The teachers here are really, really, really, very good, but mine is the best because she always helps me to think big! In our class, we make lots of mistakes but it's fun. I think my brain is growing bigger every day!" 

"Our school is happy, kind and smiley. I love it when Penelope [one of our school rabbits] visits our classroom for calming time."

"We have gem names at school because everyone is shiny on the inside!"

Year 6 boy:

"I have been at The Vineyard since day one. Our school is a great learning environment with truly kind teachers. This a place where you feel safe, laugh and learn - a second home."

Year 4 girl:

"My school friends are friendly, caring and ambitious. But did you know that you can play with everybody in this school, not just your friends? Even Year 6 children! It is clean and fun here. Our teachers are kind, they keep us safe and they are organised. I like that we try and work out problems together and they help us if we get stuck. They give us a good education!"