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Read on to find out what has been happening in reception this week


What a busy and enjoyable first full week in Reception! This week, the children have been introduced to carpet times; they have been doing so well to sit beautifully on the carpet. They have been learning some rules this week, such as “choose it, use it, put it away”, and “stop, I don’t like it”. It’s been wonderful to hear them using these so early on to help each other make the right choice. Despite the weather being a bit soggy, we have been enjoying exploring our wonderful outdoor space. We are beginning to feel more settled at school and are loving all that Reception has to offer!

Key messages 

  • We start our new topic ‘all about me’, on Monday. We would love to see a picture of your child’s family; please send in a photograph of your child’s family for us to put on our topic table. They may even want to talk about it in front of the class!