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Vineyard Values

The Vineyard Vision and Values

‘Enabling all children to learn and grow’

We are a child centric school that nurtures the confidence and talents of a uniquely diverse community to instil a lifelong love of learning and create caring, resilient and curious children. 

By celebrating and nurturing each individual, we embrace diversity at its core. Our curiosity means we aim to constantly challenge and push boundaries for our children, our staff and our community to deliver growth and excellence. We learn from others and we contribute to the learning of others around us. 

By doing this we aim to create caring, courageous, curious children who are able to learn and grow. When children leave The Vineyard we want to wave goodbye to happy children who are respectful and care about the people and the world about them, have a strong sense of self, a curiosity about the world and confidence that they can learn and grow. Our ambition is that the strong foundation we have helped to plant, will enable Vineyard citizens to confidently navigate the challenges of the next stage in their development, enable them to find and nurture their passions and talents in life, so that they can ultimately identify and pursue healthy productive ways to contribute to society in adulthood. 

We do this through our core values of being:





By caring:

  • we are inclusive – everyone is welcome in our school

  • we are kind

  • we respect each other, our similarities and our differences 


By being courageous:

  • we are able to take risks

  • we stand up for each other

  • we are able to make mistakes and learn from them


By being curious:

  • we have a growth mindset

  • we are creative

  • we love to learn

Our core values are promoted through our curriculum which has been sequentially written. This allows all children to build on the skills and knowledge they have been previously taught and supports all children to be their personal best. They form the foundation of our positive behaviour expectations and conduct of our whole community. Excellent learning, engagement and self-esteem are built through providing an environment where everyone’s contributions are recognised and valued.

Teaching, learning and wellbeing is underpinned by respect and care which we recognise as being intrinsic to both enjoyment and success at school. The strength of our progressive learning culture is based on the proactive nature and participation of all stakeholders, including our Governors, The Vineyard families and the wider community.