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Our Staff

Headship team

Mrs Ruth Whymark


Mr Richard Rosewell

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Charlotte Axbey

Asst. Headteacher (Inclusion Lead)

Non-Teaching Staff

Mrs Svetlana Sanders School Business Manager
Mrs Isla Nelson SEND Manager
Mrs Teri Marola School Office Manager
Ms Andrea Auchoybur Office Assistant
Miss Michaela Blakeburn Office Assistant
Mrs Abigail Huntington Finance Officer
Mrs Anna Mantle Clerk to the Governors
Mr David Hayes Site Manager
Mr Carlos Corda Site Management Assistant
Mr James Durham ICT Technician
Ms Liz Foster Sports Coordinator
Mr Ian Talbot School Chef

Reception/Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Mrs Daisy Dempster Reception/EYFS Director of Learning (DoL) & Reception Class teacher (Topaz)
Miss Mary Wakefield Reception Class Teacher (Jade)
Miss Ellie Webb Reception Class Teacher (Opal)
Ms Wara Hussain Reception Early Years Educators (EYE) (Topaz)
Miss Georgie Paterson Reception Early Years Educators (EYE) (Jade)
Mrs Jo Balaram Reception Early Years Educators (EYE) (Opal)
Mrs Linda Witham Reception TLSA*
Ms Claire Smeeton Reception TLSA
Mrs Rowan Wayper Reception TLSA
Miss Emma Grundy Reception TLSA & ELSA**
Ms Beth Horspole Reception TLSA

*Teaching & Learning Support Assistant (TLSAs often work across more than one class/year group)

**Emotional Literacy Support Assistant

Key Stage 1

Mrs Jan Liebmann Key Stage 1 Director of Learning (DoL) & Staff Development Lead & Year 2 Class Teacher (Amethyst)
Mrs Angela Welsh Year 1 Class Teacher (Diamond)
Mrs Avril Beith Year 1 Class Teacher (Sunstone)
Miss Jordyn Mortimer Year 1 Class Teacher (Amber)
Ms Emily Magill Year 1 TLSA
Ms Rika Ramesh Year 1 TLSA
Miss Ella Bannenburg Year 1 TLSA (AM)
Mrs Tarnia Houllier Year 2 Class Teacher (Pearl)
Miss Amelia Clough Year 2 Class Teacher (Turquoise)
Mr Joe Murphy (Associate Teacher) Year 2 Class Teacher (Amethyst)
Mrs Anit Bedi Year 2 TLSA
Miss Trudy Bryan-Kerr Year 2 TLSA
Miss Ella Bannenburg Year 2 TLSA
Miss Raveena Warah Year 2 TLSA
Miss Nikita Mistry Year 2 TLSA

Lower Key Stage 2

Ms Laura Reilly Lower Key Stage 2 Director of Learning (DoL) & Year 4 Class Teacher (Onyx)
Miss Amy Neal Year 3 Class Teacher (Sapphire)
Miss Ailish Finn Year 3 Class Teacher (Emerald)
Mr Joe Jackson Year 3 Class Teacher (Ruby)
Miss Emma Grundy Year 3 TLSA
Mrs Viv Cross Year 3 TLSA
Mrs Justyna Gaicka-Kliczek Year 3 TLSA
Miss Trudy Bryan Kerr Year 3 TLSA
Ms Susanna Mingolla Year 3 TLSA
Mrs Jenny Mane Year 3 TLSA
Mrs Dee De Costa Year 3 TLSA
Mrs Rachel Henn Year 3 TLSA
Ms Rebecca Spies Year 4 Class Teacher (Carnelian) 
Ms Rebecca Wells Year 4 Class Teacher (Zircon)
Mr Hugo Jones (Associate Teacher) Year 4 Class Teacher (Onyx)
Miss Rowan Wayper Year 4 TLSA
Miss Sivanna Sherry Year 4 TLSA
Miss Sarah Jeffs Year 4 TLSA
Miss Nikita Mistry Year 4 TLSA

Upper Key Stage 2

Miss Amy Salem Upper Key Stage 2 Director of Learning (DoL) & Year 6 Class Teacher (Garnet)
Miss Georgia Richards Year 5 Class Teacher (Moonstone)
Mrs Helen Darling Year 5 Class Teacher (Beryl)
Mrs Gill Ruyoka Year 5 Class Teacher (Beryl)
Miss Kiran Samra Year 5 Class Teacher (Starlite)
Ms Justyna Gaicka-Kliczek Year 5 TLSA
Ms Susanna Mingolla Year 5 TLSA
Miss Sivanna Sherry Year 5 TLSA
Ms Jenny Mane Year 5 TLSA
Miss Claire Jobbins Year 6 Class Teacher (Jet)
Mrs Rachel Henn Year 6 TLSA
Mrs Dee De Costa Year 6 TLSA

PPA Support

Ms Cindy Khaira (Associate teacher)
Ms Nicky Collier (HLTA)
Ms Jilly Joseph (HLTA)

Hot School Meals Supervisor

Ms Andrea Auchoybur
Ms Debbie Tarrant

Lunchtime Support (SMSAs)

Ms Lee Simpson
Ms Jeannie Kim
Ms Letitia Yeng
Ms Ulku Ulker
Mrs Leanne Galley
Ms Kiran Ahmad

*School Meals Supervisory Assistant