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Our Curriculum


The Vineyard Curriculum - Why, What, When?

‘Enabling all children to learn and grow’

If you would like to know more information about our curriculum, please contact our curriculum leads- Laura Reilly or Daisy Dempster on tandl@vineyard.richmond.sch

  • We have carefully designed a rich, broad and balanced curriculum, which meets the needs of the national curriculum and the diverse needs of all children at The Vineyard

  • Our curriculum has been written to give all children the very best chance to be their personal best, by challenging them and allowing them to grow

  • High expectations for all are embedded in our practice and pedagogy

  • Our curriculum has been designed so that all children learn in carefully sequenced small steps in order that they progress through building their skills and knowledge 

  • It allows all children to regularly revisit previous learning to enable them to remember more

  • Our ambition is that all children develop the skills and knowledge to be curious about the world they live in and to want to learn more

  • All children will be able to learn in a safe environment that will allow them to be courageous, take risks and learn from their misconceptions or mistakes

  • Our curriculum aims to enable all children to wave goodbye to us as happy, respectful, caring learners

  • Our local context in Richmond, Greater London and the UK inspires many areas in our curriculum

  • We have carefully selected the artists, authors, historical figures and scientists we learn about, so that all children learn about a variety of people and cultures to be prepared for life in a diverse world

  • All children are exposed to and inspired by a wide range of vocabulary that underpins all areas of learning, social skills and emotional well-being

  • Beyond the core curriculum well-being, good mental & physical health and strong supportive relationships enable all children to develop the self-esteem and resilience that are essential for success as a confident learner

How can you find out about our curriculum?

Each year group has a curriculum overview which shows the topics that your children will be learning over the course of the year in each subject area and when they will be covered.

Each curricular subject has a skills and knowledge progression document which shows how we build on children’s previous learning and prepares them to learn and understand the next skill or piece of knowledge.

How do I know what is on the national curriculum?

National curriculum for Key Stage 1 and 2.

What does my child learn in reception?

Reception has its own curriculum.

We strive to enhance statutory goals through our well-developed outdoor space and learning that incorporates access to Forest School. We reflect our multicultural context through experiences, opportunities and literature that are woven throughout the day. Regular access to the school library, language teaching and specialist music teaching enhances our curriculum for younger learners and prepares them for their next steps at The Vineyard.