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19 September 2023

12 October 2023

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4 July 2024

We are pleased that you are considering our school for your child.

Please note that places for Reception classes are allocated by the Local Authority (LA) and not the school.

All Reception children start in September on a full-time basis with an initial phased entry.  We are a three-form entry school with 90 pupils per year group. Children are organised into three classes which are balanced in number and on certain criteria, e.g. gender, age, Special Educational Needs and disabilities (SEND) and English as an additional language (EAL).

We believe that all children of school age benefit from starting school together at the beginning of the school year, regardless of differences in age: the children are introduced to the learning environment, their peers and school routines in a gradual and planned way. For this reason, the school will only consider requests for deferred or part-time entry in exceptional cases and where there is clear evidence that this is in the best interests of the child. Each case will be considered on its merits and a decision will be made by considering all the documentary evidence. Requests for delaying a child's entry into Reception until later in the academic year or to attend part-time until the child reaches statutory school age can be discussed with the headteacher after a place has been offered at the school.

Any requests for admissions outside a child's normal age group must be made to the Local Authority in the first instance and before the closing date.

To contact Richmond School Admissions, please email If you would like to speak to someone, please email and request a call back.

Reception Application Dates for September 2024

Closing Date: TBC

Offer Date: TBC

Accept/Refuse a Place: TBC

Appeals Deadline: TBC

*All these dates are for guidance only.

Please visit the Richmond Schools Admissions link for up-to-date admissions information.

It is your responsibility to apply for a place for your child. Parents/carers must return the application forms to the Local Authority and NOT to the school.

You may apply online

Admissions of Older Children

We accept older children throughout the school year when there is a suitable place. When a year group is oversubscribed, priority is given in accordance with the Local Authority's Admissions Policy as set out for Reception children.

To make an application or be added onto a waiting list, please contact the London Borough of Richmond Admissions Department


If your child has been refused a place at your preferred school, you may appeal the decision directly with the admission's authority (NOT the school). Your reasons for appealing will then be considered by an independent panel. 


The admissions arrangements for Richmond primary schools for 2023-24 and beyond can be found here.