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School Travel Plan

A School Travel Plan is a document produced by an educational establishment that promotes sustainable ways for the whole school community to travel to and from school. It encourages walking, cycling, car sharing and public transport and aims to reduce the number of car journeys.

The Vineyard School Travel Plan is updated each year and includes a number of initiatives undertaken by the school to promote active travel:

  1. Bikeability - Bikeability is the ‘cycling proficiency’ test for the 21st century, designed to give the next generation the skills and confidence to ride their bikes on today’s roads. Each year, pupils in Year 6 at The Vineyard School carry out Bikeabilty training both on site as well as in and around the residential roads of Richmond Hill.
  2. Scooter and Pedestrian Training - Pedestrian skills are covered in a training programme to help pupils develop their road safety knowledge. In fully supervised small groups, pupils explore the roads around the school and discuss safe and unsafe places to cross. Pupils then practise crossing roads safely. They will also discuss how to identify safer crossing points and explore The Green Cross Code. Scooter training sessions are held with our Year 2 pupils to help develop scooting skills and confidence. 
  3. Junior Citizen - The Junior Citizenship Scheme (JCS) helps prepare pupils for some of the challenges they might face as young adults when travelling in and around London. The scheme is a half-day event for Year 6 pupils (and occasionally Year 5s) and is run in some London boroughs, including Richmond-Upon-Thames. The events consist of a carousel of activities with up to 10 different agencies delivering short sessions on topics relating to good citizenship. Pupils complete these tasks in small groups, learning through experience and real-life risk situations that test their ability to make responsible decisions.
  4. Outside Agencies - The school works with the Local Authority and the Police to promote active travel and road safety.
  5. Public Transport - Wherever possible, the school uses public transport for school trips or we walk if it is a very local trip.

If you would like to learn more about what The Vineyard School does to promote Active Travel, please take a look at The Vineyard School Travel Plan or contact the the school 

There are plenty of organisations and initiatives committed to the promotion of Sustainable and active forms of travel, some are listed below. TfL Active Travel offers advice on getting around London on foot and on two wheels. There is also additional information on cycling in the  capital here.

If you would like some motivation to leave the car at home, find out more about the Living Streets Walk to School Initiative.