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Religious Education

Religious Education (RE) at The Vineyard enables children to: Religious education (R.E.) – Barnes Primary School

  • share in and respect each other's lives
  • learn about and from religion, and other belief systems
  • visit places of worship and have visitors representing different faiths and beliefs
  • nurture children’s moral, social and cultural development
  • investigate the impact of religion on history and global life today's

Our bespoke Religious Education curriculum has four themes through which the children develop knowledge, understanding and awareness of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism and Humanism.

  1. Living the faith 
  2. Buildings and places of worship
  3. Important times, days, festivals and celebrations
  4. Sacred texts 

We also have selected four key skills which we want our children to develop throughout their RE learning journey at The Vineyard:


  • Ask relevant questions
  • Know how to use different types of sources
  • Know what may constitute evidence for understanding religions


  • Reflect on feelings, relationships, experiences, ultimate questions, beliefs and practices


  • Consider thoughts, feelings, relationships, ultimate questions, beliefs and values of others
  • Develop the power of imagination to identify feelings of love, wonder, forgiveness and sorrow
  • See the world through the eyes of others, and see issues from their point of view


  • Debate issues of religious significance with reference to evidence and argument 
  • Compare the respective claims of self-interest, consideration of others, religious teachings and individual conscience