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Mathematics is a powerful tool which enables us to make sense of our world and is taught each day here at The Vineyard.

We aim to equip children with the necessary skills and understanding within the new National Curriculum and the domains of number, measurement, geometry and statistics. Subsequently teachers look to find opportunities, both within these lessons and in other areas of learning, to apply the knowledge and skills they have learnt to ‘real-life’ contexts. 

Our maths curriculum (overview PDF below) aims to enable children to tackle practical tasks, problem solve and develop their powers of reasoning and logical thinking.


White Rose Maths

Schools often use 'schemes of work' that they either purchase or access free online. 'Big Maths' - with it's emphasis on procedural fluency and a solid grasp of number -  was a scheme that The Vineyard previously followed. In fact, we still use an adapted version of the Big Maths Learn Its journey from Reception right through to Year 6. However, with the new National Curriculum placing a greater emphasis on reasoning and problem solving as well as on fluency, we looked to other schemes that could provide us with a more balanced approach to the teaching of maths.

White Rose Maths offers every child the opportunity to develop fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills in each lesson. A very popular term in education at the moment is 'mastery'. Put simply, mastery refers to every single child developing a deep understanding of maths where they are able to apply their knowledge of the subject to both routine and non-routine problems. We are confident that with this approach we are supporting all pupils to become confident, reflective and resilient mathematicians.