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KS1 News

Come and find out what KS1 have been up to this week!

Year 1

This week in Year 1 we have been busy being artists for Creative Arts Week! On friday we experienced the musical workshop called Evergreen when we got to sing and dance to a story about friendship. We all had a wonderful time hearing about Little Bird and helping her find a place to rest from the North Wind. In the afternoons we have been using our art skills of collage, drawing and painting to create some fantastic Tiddalik inspired art! We can’t wait for you to come and see our artwork at the exhibition on Friday. In maths, we have been using balance scales to measure weight, we used the mathematical language of heavier and lighter to compare different objects around the classroom. In English, we have been writing invitations to Tiddalik to invite him to a performance! We hoped to make him laugh by putting on a funny show. We made sure to use adjectives to make our writing more exciting.  

Key Messages

  • Key vocab: weight, heavier, lighter, invitation

  • KIRFs: finding one less than numbers within 40

  • Common exception words: fifteen, sixteen and seventeen.

  • Please bring in your child spelling books every Monday for their test and new spellings to be stuck in

Year 2

What a creative year group!  It began with a fabulous interactive musical workshop where the children had the opportunity to walk through a magical forest and help a little bird before the cruel north wind arrived.  We have then been using Rachel Isadora’s version of The Princess and the Pea set in Africa.  The beautiful illustrations will set the backdrop for the cushions that we are sewing together.  In English, we are looking at the lovely story of Nyla who discovers how to make the best of unwanted change in the book The Comet.  We began by creating an emotion roller coaster to explore feelings and ambitious adjectives and followed this with a narrative written in the first person.  In maths, we have looked at finding halves and quarters of both shapes and numbers.

Key Messages

  • Key vocab: fractions, half, quarter, first person, comet, orbit, seasons

  • Spelling rule: Adding the ‘j’ sound as in gentle and bridge

  • KIRFs: x10