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KS1 News

Come and find out what KS1 have been up to this week!

Year 1

We had a wonderful week in year 1 and have been enjoying finding out more about our wider curriculum subjects geography, science, art and RE. This week in English we have been travel writers! We have been busy making a class travel brochure to help the character Sunny choose somewhere to go! We have been working hard to include lots of adjectives to make our writing exciting and engaging. We have practised our editing skills to make improvements to our work and have written up our travel pieces in best to be made into a class book. In art, we used clay to further explore the art skill of sculpture, inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. We chose leaves to imprint into the clay and carefully pressed down to make the pattern. We are looking forward to painting them next week! In geography, we have learnt about deserts as part of our earth at its extreme topic. We made sure to think about both hot and cold deserts and considered how colder deserts are further away from the equator and hotter deserts are closer. We loved learning about all the different animals and plants that live in the desert, in particular scorpions and tarantulas! Please click here to see a word mat. In science, we used descriptive vocabulary such as opaque and transparent to discuss the properties of different objects. We carefully considered the difference between the object and the material.  

Key Messages

  • Key vocab: desert, sculpture, materials, properties, objects, 

  • KIRFs: half of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and doubles to 10.

  • Please pay for our Barnes trip by Wednesday 17th May for it to go ahead

Year 2

As our Jim and the Giant text came to an end this week, the children worked towards writing a letter as a reply to the Giant. We have looked at exciting sentence starters, conjunctions and what a letter format looks like. The children have also practised reading the text using expression, focusing on punctuation and description in the story. In science the children began collecting measurements of our plants that are growing in each class. We are discussing if our predictions are correct and what factors have impacted their growth. Each week we will continue to measure each plant to support our results, comparing the rate of growth of the bulbs and seeds. We have also been very busy in maths learning about positional language, to give instructions and follow instructions. Using our left and right has been a particular focus. In art, we have noticed the emotion and technique used by the artist Kadinsky, in our own sketching of lines and shapes.

Key Messages

  • Key vocab: left, right, position, direction, sketch, growth

  • KIRFs: making groups to answer multiplication and division questions

  • Please send Homework books on Monday for spelling tests and new words.