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KS1 News

Come and find out what KS1 have been up to this week!

Year 1

What a lovely last week of term we have had in Year 1. In English, we have been using first person to write a diary entry pretending we are emperor penguins and exploring our feelings about looking after our egg and keeping warm in the cold Antarctic wind. Before starting our writing we used role play to help us imagine what it would be like to look after our own eggs! We finished our art topic this term with making our own land art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. We went outside to find lots of natural resources to use and worked hard to creatively make patterns and shapes outside. We enjoyed placing our clay statutes into the learning garden, just like Antony Gormley. Have you spotted them in our learning garden? In science, we were being scientist and conducting our own experiments! We have been testing different materials properties to see if they are opaque, bendy and waterproof. We carefully considered which materials would be best to make a raincoat for our class mascot. In maths, we have been using positional language to describe where different objects are. We have been using forwards, backwards, left and right to describe what is around us. 

Key Messages

  • Key vocab: forward, backwards, left, right, properties, land art, desert

  • KIRFs: doubles and halves revision 

  • There are no spellings set for half-term, please use the phonics portal to continue to practising reading and sound recognition for our phonics screening check

Year 2 

It’s the final week of Summer A and Year 2 are ready for their restful half-term after a busy week! We hope the children can get lots of rest and we look forward to our last half-term together in Year 2! Many exciting topics to look forward to! As we came to an end of our wonderful Cuban story in English, the children reflected upon the characters feelings and the features of a poem they could use in their own writing. We look forward to showing parents/carers the children’s final pieces when we have open mornings. Could the children write their own poem at home focusing on their dreams? In art the children have enjoyed brushing, sweeping and dabbing with their paint brushes to form a beautiful piece full of colour and shapes. Their final pieces express an awareness of colour mixing and freedom as they listened to music with different tempo and added colour to each square creatively. In science, we have been curious about all the plants across Year 2. There have been some that have not grown and others that have exceeded our predictions. The children have observed and discussed closely their favourable and unfavourable conditions.

Key Messages

  • Key vocab: alliteration, empathy, favourable, unfavorable

  • There are no spellings set for half-term, please continue to do daily reading as this will support vocabulary and fluency in the children’s writing.