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KS1 News

Come and find out what KS1 have been up to this week!

Year 1

The Year 1 children have demonstrated so much courage and hard work whilst completing their phonics screening check this week. We are incredibly proud of all of them for showing their teachers how well they can read real and alien words. In maths, we have been using dienes and ones to find one more and one less of numbers to 100 and comparing numbers to 100 using the greater than and less than signs. We have had a grammar focus week in English, we have learnt what a suffix and prefix is and have been putting the suffixes, ed and es at the end of words and using the prefix un at the beginning of words. We have also practised using the personal pronoun 'I' and introduced the being verbs am, is and are. We have built on our history knowledge about the invention of different forms of transport by retelling the intriguing story of how the Montgolfier brothers invented the hot air balloon. In science, we have used our recording skills to create a pictogram on the daylight hours in each season. As a challenge, we compared how the daylight hours varied across the seasons. In DT this week, we enjoyed designing and labelling our designs for our stable garages. Finally, in computing we started using the Scratch Junior programme and were learning how to give a sprite a command for a purpose.

Key Messages

  • Key vocab: daylight hours, pictogram, hot air balloon, invention, greater than, less than, suffix, prefix, stable structure

  • KIRFs: telling the time to the hour

  • Reminder Barnes Literature Festival Wednesday 21st June. Children have the option to buy the book Tracey Corderoy & Steven Lenton – Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam: Pirates Ahoy! RRP £6.99. Please ensure children have the exact money. 

  • Children must bring a packed lunch and water bottle. They must wear school uniform and wear suncream and a sun hat if it is hot.

Year 2

We’ve seen some very courageous children this week.  Well done to everyone for their enthusiasm and commitment to the Vineyard X Factor auditions. We are so proud of all those who took part and to all the supportive friends who encouraged them. We have been impressed with the energy children have shown in PE and running the Vineyard lap.  Keep it up Year 2!  Inside the classroom we are in the final stages of our versions of The Bear and the Piano, we have roller skating squirrels, tennis playing red pandas and a cheetah who plays rugby.  Continuing our research into the Tudors, the children designed palaces fit for a monarch using symmetrical designs, fancy chimneys and gatehouses for security.  They have also considered what humans need to survive.  Do you think it is the same as animals?  In maths, we are continuing to revisit the topics learnt throughout the year.  This week has been money, multiplication, division and fractions.

Key Messages

  • Key vocab: Tudor, palace, estate, symmetry, survival, nutrition, half, third, quarter, 

  • Reminder Barnes Literature Festival Wednesday 21st June. Children will be back in school for lunch but should bring a water bottle. They must wear school uniform and wear suncream and a sun hat if it is hot.  The relevant book is Katie & Kevin Tsang – Space Blasters: Suzie and The Moon Bugs RRP £6.99 so if you would like your child to buy a book, please send them in with the exact amount. 

  • STEM Week 26th - 30th May