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KS1 News

Come and find out what KS1 have been up to!

Year 1

Year 1 demonstrated immense resilience and enthusiasm during their Sports Festival on Tuesday, not even the pouring rain could dampen their determination! Thank you to all the grown ups that stayed in great spirits and cheered us on in the wet weather. In maths, this week we have been applying our time telling skills to different contexts and answering a range of questions involving o’clock and half past the hour. We also compared seconds, minutes and hours and decided on sensible units of time to measure different activities.  We have started a new book in English linked to our history topic called Up and Down by Oliver Jeffers, We have been using colourful semantics to describe what is going on in the story and writing sentences to describe how the boy is feeling using the contraction I’m, I’ve and I’ll. We have also sequenced the key events in the story and created our own story map to record these. We were very curious to find out about the story of Amelia Earhart in history this week. Following this, we wrote sentences explaining why she is significant and our favourite facts.  In science, we learnt how animals and plants behaviour across the four seasons. We focused on hibernation of animals in Autumn as new learning, and recapped the growth of plants and trees. All our detailed planning and designing has been so helpful as we constructed our innovative stable garages in DT. Finally, in computing we have learnt how to create multiple sprites, individually program their own sequences and delete actions.

Key Messages

  • Key vocab: contraction apostrophe, second, minute, hour, hibernation aviation, significant,, sprite

  • KIRFs:  consolidating telling the time to  o’clock and half past the hour

  • Brooklands Museum school trip  Wednesday 19th July - please ensure you have paid via pay360 and contact the school office for further support. 

Year 2

There has been lots of outdoor learning opportunities this week in Year 2! At the beginning of the week we went for a walk to admire and observe the beautiful nature surrounding us. The children used their senses to describe what they could see and applied this to their written work about the house that stood amongst a forgotten forest. The children were so excited and engaged with their Sports Festival activities that even after all the rain, they were eager to keep working together and show their skills for their family. Well done for their positive attitude and resilience. In maths this week we have delved deep into the learning of money through different activities. The children have bought items in the classroom, played a toy shop bingo and made their own money board game! They have shown their confidence in identifying the valuing of coins and adding/subtracting different amounts. In history, the children have found evidence of Richmond Palace using Google Earth and noticed how this area is different now bit forms part of our legacy.

Key Messages

  • Key vocab: gatehouse, Richmond Palace, Google Earth, coins, notes, value

  • KIRFs: Describe 2D and 3D shapes using mathematical language; edges, vertices, corners, sides, faces