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KS1 News

Come and find out what KS1 have been up to this week!

Year 1

What a productive week we have had in Year 1! A highlight has been learning about the Concorde in history. We are so excited to go on a real Concorde during our trip to Brooklands Museum next Wednesday! Our reflection skills were put into practice during our DT lesson when we were evaluating the spectacular garages we built. We worked in groups during science to create informative posters about how trees and plants change throughout the seasons. We then were very courageous and presented these to the class. In maths this week, we have revisited money to consolidate recognising coins and notes, comparing the value of money, counting coins and using it to buy items in a shop role play task. Any opportunity for your child to use small amounts of coins whilst shopping would be extremely beneficial. In English, we have planned and retold our own version of the story Up and Down by Oliver Jeffers using the first person as the boy. We have impressed our teachers with our story writing skills using adjectives, conjunctions and time connectives to add detail to our sentences. In computing, we have been designing our own space themed project using Scratch Junior. We have created our own rocket sprite and planet themed background.

Key Messages

  • Key vocab:  concorde, seasons, sprite,  coin, note, total, first person,

  • KIRFs:  consolidating telling the time to  o’clock and half past the hour

  • Brooklands Museum school trip  Wednesday 19th July - please wear full school uniform and bring a packed lunch and water bottle. If your child suffers travel sickness please let your child’s class teacher know

  • Class party is on Monday 17th. Don't forget to wear your party clothes and bring in some party food (juice boxes, cupcakes, popcorn and chopped fruit)

Year 2

This week we have been so enthused in our maths learning, using different resources, methods and reasoning through partner work. The children have reviewed how we partition a 2-digit number and find number families. We have been very busy this half-term practising our sewing skills and planning what our finger puppet will look like. The children are very close to finalising their puppets by adding small detail. Then they will evaluate and share the skills they have learnt in the topic. In history, the children have had the opportunity to identify the importance of the River Thames in the Tudor period. We were so impressed with their interest and retention of what they made Richmond Royal. In English, we have been so hooked by the drama and news surrounding ‘the house held up by trees’. The children have created interviews with the family and estate agents reporting on this mysterious house, ready for our newspaper report next week. We are excited to use the outside learning area next week to read our reports.

Key Messages

  • Key vocab: River Thames, sewage, transport, estate agent, buyer, base ten, partitioning

  • KIRFs: adding and subtracting crossing over ten

  • Class party is on Monday 17th. Don't forget to wear your party clothes and bring in some party food (juice boxes, cupcakes, popcorn and chopped fruit)