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Read on to find out what has been happening in LKS2

Year 3

In English, we have been reading a variety of poems and identifying a variety of poetic features. We have started to gather thoughts and ideas to write our exciting poems ‘Richmond in Autumn’ next week! In maths, we have added and subtracted 1, 10 and 100 to three-digit numbers, and have used manipulatives to ‘exchange’ when needed. In science, we used our identifying and classifying skills to find and sort a range of animals in preparation for learning about more types of skeletons next week! In geography, we have flowed to the middle course of the river, and explored meanders, tributaries and banks and channels. In computing, we started our flip chart animations on whiteboards, and are looking forward to creating our own creative animations very soon! In art, we are continuing to be inspired by Paul Klee’s work, and are using our creations from last week to explore different media and compare our own outcomes. It has been very busy!

Key Messages

  • Key vocab: vertebrate, invertebrate, meander, tributary, personification

  • KIRFs: Finding 10 more or 10 less than a given number.

  • Spellings: prefix im- (imperfect), next week: suffix -ous (dangerous)

Year 4

This week in Maths, we have explored comparing and ordering numbers up to 10,000. We have particularly enjoyed challenging ourselves through problem-solving and reasoning tasks. In English, we have learnt about diary entries. The text we have used to support this is called ‘Here I Am’. This text is full of wonderful illustrations and no writing, therefore it has fuelled our imagination and prompted lots of wonderful class discussions. This has been particularly inspiring for our multilingual children, as the story line follows a child exploring a new country and finding friends. In science, we have looked at changing states of matter and have begun to set up our own experiment, which we will conduct next week. The children have been inspired by a letter from Cadbury requiring them to solve a problem. In geography, we have been comparing two distinct biomes (tundra and rainforests). We have done this by comparing how rainfall and temperature impact the climate. In computing, we have been experimenting with voice recordings and layering other media on top for our very own podcasts. We got our hands dirty in art as we explored the different techniques we can use to manipulate clay. We considered texture and how this will influence our Islamic tile designs.

 Key messages:

  • Science - predict, states of matter, investigation, variables, fair test, measure, change

  • Geography - biomes, forest, tundra, rainfall, temperature 

  • Maths- ascending, descending, order, estimate

  • English - first person, past tense, show now tell