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LKS2 news

Find out what year 3 and 4 have been up to this week here!

Year 3

We have had a busy and fun week in Year 3. In science, the children investigated reflection using mirrors. They had lots of fun seeing if they could see each other from different angles using the mirrors. We also tried our hand at making periscopes and testing them by looking around corners and over tables. In maths, we consolidated and applied our knowledge of addition and subtraction by answering word problems. In history, the children learnt about the impact bronze had on how people lived in the Stone Age. In DT, the children had to use what they had learnt about reinforced concrete to make a structure strong enough to hold up a dictionary...using only newspaper and masking tape! This week is anti-bullying week and we were lucky enough to have a workshop all about ways we can reach out and show kindness. We also marked this occasion by wearing odd socks, and designing our own pair of odd socks!

Year 4

In year 4 we started our new topic of division and multiplication in Maths. The children have been making connections between the 3, 6, and 9 timetables. We have continued to develop a range of writing skills in English and we have been writing our non-chronological reports about Mars. In History, we are comparing life in Britain before and after the Romans invaded; looking at the importance of what they brought to Britain. In Science, we have been making models of our solar system to help with our learning about Earth and Space. 

In french we have been asking our peers questions.Why do you try these at home?

 "Comment t'appelles-tu " "What is your name?" 

 "Quel âge as-tu" "How old are you?".