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LKS2 News

Come and find out what LKS2 have been up to!

Year 3

In Maths, we have been working on our 3 and 4 times tables and using our knowledge of these to solve word problems. In English, we started a new story called “Leon and the place between” by Angela McAllister to use as our inspiration for writing our own stories next week. We have been writing expanded noun phrases to describe the circus and learning what a sentence needs to make sense. Ask your children if they can remember which 2 word classes we must include in a sentence. We also started writing speech and practiced using inverted commas correctly. In history, we have been looking at the impact of farming on prehistoric lifestyles. We learnt about what tools were used and what animals were kept. In science, we learnt about how shadows are formed. We explored this by making shadow puppets and experimenting with torches to see what happened to the shadows.

Year 4

In Maths we have been building on our time tables knowledge by solving more tricky multiplication problems. In English, we are looking at Narrative texts. We have been using expand noun phrases to develop our writing and, we have been looking at how to correctly punctuate direct speech. The Romans changed a lot of things when they came to Britain, we have been building on our understanding of this in History. We looked at the layout of a typical Roman settlement, and designed our own. In Science we have learnt about orbits;  looking at the different planets and how they orbit the sun.

Key Messages

  • Year 3 spelling rule: adding the prefix -im to words beginning with m and p.

  • Next Thursday 8th December, it is Christmas jumper day. As Year 3 will be going on a trip to Butser Farm, the children can wear their jumpers on the trip.

  • Can Year 3 children bring in any thick cardboard they have (mini greenhouse).