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LKS2 News

Come and find out what LKS2 have been up to this week! 

Year 3 

We have had another exciting week in Year 3! In English, we have been writing diary entries imagining we are Tashi from our book ‘Cloud Tea Monkeys’. We have been unbelievably impressed with the amazing descriptions and exciting vocabulary the children have been using. In addition to this, we have been practising using subordinating conjunctions to join our clauses together. In maths, we started our new topic: statistics! We have been interpreting and drawing pictograms and bar charts using a set of data. During science, we explored natural selection and selective breeding by experimenting with dog breeds. We talked about which characteristics were desirable, and therefore bred, and which are undesirable. We even had a go at making our own hybrids by choosing our two favourite breeds! After an exciting lesson last week making our sandwiches in DT, we took time to reflect on our ingredients and recipes and wrote an evaluation describing what we might change next time. In History, we learnt about the daily lives of Ancient Egyptians. The children imagined they were living in Ancient Egypt and wrote a letter to a friend or family member living in 2023. They learnt about the types of games and jobs they did and what their homes were like. 

Key Messages

  • Key vocab: reincarnation, pictogram, selective breeding, natural selection 

  • KIRFs: Telling time to the nearest minute

  • Spellings: homophones

  • Class party is on Tuesday 18th. Don't forget to wear your party clothes and bring in some party food (juice boxes, cupcakes, popcorn and chopped fruit)

Year 4   

In year 4 this week we have been revising our narrative writing skill. We planned our own narratives using exciting sentence starters. We have used expanded noun phrases and super adjectives to write setting and character descriptions. In addition to this, we have used time connectives to begin to plan the plot for our narratives, ensuring that we have a range of events occurring to grip the reader. In maths, we have been looking at coordinates. We have engaged in a range of activities to stretch our understanding. We have been following instructions to plot points on coordinate grids and translated points on grids.  During science this week we have been looking at the teeth of different animals. We recapped our knowledge of the different teeth and their functions and applied this knowledge to make judgements about the diets of different animals. For example, canines are used to rip and tear food, a lion might have long canines to rip skins and tear away meat. In RE we looked at identity and belonging.  This week we have been thinking about our global community and all the things we can do to help our community be a better place. We discussed how different religious groups might give back to their communities, as well as how we as individuals can give more to our community. We made posters to show our one might be able to promote positive practices in the community. In history, we compared Tutankhamun and Cleopatra and evaluated their success in ruling Ancient Egypt. 

Key Messages

  • Key vocabcoordinates, y axis, x axis, translatesemi colon, expanded noun phrase

  • Class parties for Zircon and Carnelian is Monday 17th and for Onyx Tuesday 18th. Don't forget to wear your party clothes and bring in some party food (juice boxes, cupcakes, popcorn and chopped fruit)