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LKS2 News

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Year 3 

It has been fantastic to welcome the children back to school and into Key Stage 2 as they begin their next chapter at The Vineyard. We have been so impressed with their enthusiasm for learning so far! In English, we have met a curious pet in our book ‘Sparky’, and have written expanded noun phrases using ambitious adjectives, whilst considering the key features of non-chronological reports. More on this next week! Maths has seen us partitioning numbers and representing them in a variety of ways, whilst in science we have recapped the five things which animals need to survive (and why they are so important). In Geography, we have begun our topic on the River Thames, and have used our locational knowledge to describe where it is in relation to the United Kingdom. We are looking forward to studying some of the techniques of artist Paul Klee, and experimenting with his ideas that ‘a line is a dot that we take for a walk’.

Key Messages

  • Key vocab: partition, non-chronological report, shelter, oxygen, river bank 

  • KIRFs: (Starting next week: Finding 10 more or 10 less than a given number.)

  • Spellings: (Starting next week: adding the prefix -dis and in-)

Year 4

We have had a great kick start to the year as the children have settle into their new classes. In English, we are looking at writing an instructional text to help a ‘failed pet’ escape from a lab! We read ‘The Barnabus Project’ for inspiration and have magpied features of an instructional text from daily life. In Maths, we have been representing and partitioning numbers. The children have achieved this using manipulatives, such as, Dienes and Counters. We have also looked at how we can use the part-whole model to partition. Our first science topic is States of Matter. On Monday we explored a range of materials to determine their state and identified their properties in order to explore the world in more detail. In Geography, we have been finding out more about daylight hours around the whole, building on our knowledge of the Equator and how this can affect the lengths of the day. We are looking forward to exploring sculptures, in particular, Islamic art when we start our new Art topic later in the week.

Key Messages

  • Key vocab- predict, states of matter, solid, liquids, gas, properties, daylight hours, equator, Axis, Lines of latitudepartition, digit, value, representimperative verbs, time connectives, adverbs