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Music News

Find out what we have been up to in music this week!

Rehearsals are well underway! The staging has now been put up in the hall ready for Reception’s Nativity performances. Key Stage 1 have been practising their Christmas performance songs and poems. Together, we have prepared some lovely actions and have learnt Makaton signing for one of our songs. Key Stage 2 have been learning their songs for the Carol Services and we’ve been thinking more about being storytellers and adding expression to our singing. Some children are preparing readings, percussion parts and small group singing parts. I know that the children are really looking forward to sharing their performances with you.

This week, I am placing the spotlight on Reception who have a Music session with me every Thursday. We have established a routine with a Hello Song, a movement warm-up with singing and we have some different animal puppets who we meet each week. The children then sing a familiar song, followed by an activity, some dancing and then finally our Goodbye Song. We have a lovely song called ‘Sleeping Bunnies’ which the children love to participate in. Another favourite is ‘Elephants have wrinkles’. We have recently learnt a song about autumn and leaves changing colour. We used scarves and danced and twirled around in circles, pretending to be leaves falling to the ground. We have been playing some percussion instruments, such as the claves and egg shakers in a play/stop game. The children then had a turn being the conductor, using hand signals for play and stop. Another activity that we have been doing is called ‘Sleeping Numbers’, helping to develop the children’s understanding of rests (shh!) in music. We have recently loved looking at the handbells and putting them in pitch order. We noticed that the handbells were the colours of the rainbow! I then played a few melodies and the children were able to tell me the song names. We have had lots of fun in Music and I look forward to seeing Reception’s Nativity performance.

Pianist Wanted!

Do you play the piano? Are you free to come and help the school orchestra on Tuesday afternoons from 2.30 to 3.10? If you are, then please contact Kathryn Doley on for more details.

Key Messages

Christmas Carol concerts:

Wednesday 14th December, 09:30 - Year 4 and Sapphire Class

Thursday 15th December, 09:30 - Year 6 and Emerald Class

Thursday 15th December, 11:00 - Year 5 and Ruby Class

*Please let school know if your child will not be at the Carol Service.