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Read on to find out more about our festive concerts.

It was lovely to welcome so many of you to our carol concerts this week. The children performed seven songs with two of the songs being in 2-part harmony! A number of children performed solos, small group and accompanying musical parts. It was wonderful to watch those children perform and showcase their musical talents. I’m very proud of their professionalism and commitment. They have been very dedicated as we’ve held numerous rehearsals during break times. It was Year 3’s first performance at St. Matthias and the readers were very clear and expressive in the delivery of their lines. I have talked to the children a lot about the importance of preparation and why rehearsals are an essential part of concerts and performances. It takes commitment, energy and collaboration, and a number of children have told me how much they enjoyed the concert experience. Thank you for all your help and support.




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Richmond Music Trust

Is your child interested in having instrument/singing lessons?

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Music lessons take place during the school day, which means that children will miss some lesson time in their classroom. To avoid children missing the same lesson, tutors rotate the lesson times each week.